How To Cook Rice?

Rice is the staple food in most countries and the only food that appears on most restaurant menus. Whether you're looking for short, long, or basmati, you'll find it. (If you're new to basmati, it's another name for fragrant rice from Persia.)

Problems that many beginners encounter when they are rinsing rice (which can be very important depending on the type of rice used), getting the water to rice ratio right, and when, Stir when to leave. To make rinsing rice easy, you can use Stainless Steel Steamed Rice Basket. Stainless Steel Steamed Rice Basket is convenient to rinse and to cook the rice without losing any rice.

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How do you keep them clean?

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1. Material: Stronger and easier to clean than wire basket, all parts (including handle, steamer basket, stand) are made of high quality stainless steel.

2. Better design: Easy to clean and no odor remains. Be sure to dry after washing to prevent water stains on the stainless steel surface.

3. Perfect protection: Silicone handle makes it easy and safe to carry the steamer. You can prevent burns and protect your hands.

4. Large capacity: Designed to maximize the available space, enough to keep you floating. The wide, perforated basket facilitates the penetration of steam into the basket and facilitates food cooking.

In summary, there are many versions of rice, including basmati, jasmine, long grain, medium grain, and crushed rice. Each variety has a unique taste. For best flavor, be sure to rinse the rice well before cooking. To prevent overcooking, cook only the amount of rice used in the recipe. If you need to store the cooked rice in the refrigerator, cover it with plastic wrap, cover it, and heat it over medium to high heat.

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