What To Do When Your Bathroom Floods?

Think a flooded bathroom is something you only see on TV? Think again. A flooded bathroom can happen to anyone, especially if a pipe bursts, a toilet overflows or if you have a washing machine or dishwasher leak. The worst part is, a flooded bathroom can contain bacteria and mold, which can be harmful to your health.

Silicone bathroom water retention strips can be used to reduce damage. The silicone bathroom water retention strip is sticky and easy to install. And it only needs to be pressed gently to get close to the ground, and act as a water barrier.

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How to use Silicone Bathroom Flood Barrier?

• Wipe off water and dust on the floor.

• Position the water retention strip and mark the ground with a pen.

• Remove the adhesive and install the waterstop in the marked position.

• Seal the rubber strip where both ends of the water retention strip touch the wall.

• Apply adhesive to both sides of the water stopper and apply evenly.

If your home has recently been flooded, it's important to have a plumber look at it. Floods have different effects on everyone. Some homeowners will recover quickly, while others may experience lasting health effects. It is best to have an expert assess the degree of damage and mold growth. It is important to take safety measures to prevent mold from growing in the future. After a thorough evaluation, experts will explain what you can do to restore your home.

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