How To Wash Underwear and Socks Without Washing Machine?

Washing clothes is a daunting task. This is especially true if the detergent is low and it is not practical to use a hand wash setting. However, for certain household items, underwear and socks can be washed and disinfected without the use of a washing machine.

Portable Personal Rotating Turbines has high frequency to removes diret effectively. It can rotate bidirectional, clockwise and then anti-clockwise to make cleaning more effective.

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The washing model can be adjusted as needed.

Automatically powers off after 30 minutes of work.

Eco-friendly ABS shell, non-toxic, solid and abrasion resistant.

Suitable for water and energy saving, 1kg (water) personal washing.

Lightweight and portable, you can carry it in your pocket or tote bag.

Can be used not only for underwear and socks, but also for T-shirts, shirts, towels and other small items.

In conclusion, It’s recommended that you clean your shower and bathroom regularly. To fulfill this, you need to clean the floor with a broom or mop, the tiles and walls with a sponge or towel and shower walls with a squeegee. Also, scrub your shower door with a toothbrush.

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