How To Prevent Knife Cuts In The Kitchen?

A sharp knife is an indispensable tool in the kitchen. After all, you can't cut onions without them. However, sharp knives can also be dangerous. It is estimated that 2.5 million non-fatal injuries are caused by kitchen knives each year, and unfortunately, knife cuts are the most common type of non-fatal kitchen injuries.

From cooking to slicing to chopping, sharp knives do a lot of cutting work, and can be very dangerous if you let them linger near your fingers. Cut-resistant gloves can avoid finger cuts when peeling oysters, slicing meat for dinner, dicing vegetables, and using potato slicers or mandolins. Protect your hands, feel like a master chef and protect your hands even more.

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Made of stainless steel wire

It has excellent cutting protection performance. Abrasion resistance and tear resistance

Cut resistance, puncture resistance, knife resistance, scratch resistance

Suitable for glass processing, metal processing, mining, food cutting, etc.

Fits right and left hands and has straps on cuffs

Reduces damage from sharp materials such as daggers, triangular scrapers, glass and stones

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