How To Clean Clogged Shower Head Nozzles?

Is there a mineral deposit in your shower head? Does your shower head have slow spouting water? Is there a shower head that constantly spits out water? If you answer "yes" to any of these questions, the shower head nozzle may be clogged.

But instead of buying a new shower head, why not clean your old shower head nozzle? Shower Head Nozzle Cleaning Brushes can restore the functionality of your old shower head, leaving you with a stylish new shower head that has the same features as a new one.

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The bristles are made of nylon and have excellent flexibility, wear resistance and thermal deformation. The non-slip handle design with concave and convex lines makes it more convenient to operate with a brush, making it a beautiful home widget for cleaning clogs.

The brush is not only for shower nozzle holes but also for faucets, fan charging ports, sinks, drink straws, hummingbird feeders, toilet flushing nozzles, tattoo equipment, mobile phone ports, and other small holes, seams, and wireless earphones.

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