How To Fix Your Dress Shirt Collar?

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Tips To Keep Your Shirt Collar Looking The Best

1. Don't let your collar get too dirty. Washing your shirt regularly will help keep the dirt and sweat from building up on your collar.

2. If your collar does get dirty, don't scrub it too hard. Scrubbing will damage the fabric and make it more likely to develop wrinkles.

3. Be careful when ironing your collar. Use a low setting and don't iron over any buttons or embellishments.

4. If your collar is looking a little frayed, you can use a sewing needle and thread to hand-sew it back together.

5. finally, if your collar is really beyond salvage, you can always replace it.

To summarize, it's simple: If you have the collar turned up, the shirt is too long. If you have the collar turned down, the shirt is too short. If your shirt is too long, fold the collar up toward the button. If your shirt is too short, open the collar and turn it outward. It’s that easy! Other tips: Avoid wearing really thick or really thin fabrics. If your shirt is thin, the collar may stretch, making it look a little off. If your shirt is thick, the collar may deform, making the collar pucker.

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