Is it OK to wash socks and underwear together?

For most people, washing socks and underwear together is a common, but is it really the best way to do laundry? The answer is probably No. First, think about the fabric of your socks and underwear. They are usually made from different materials; it is best to wash them separately. Second, underwear can harbor different types of bacteria than the rest of your clothes. Because they are in close contact with your skin, they can pick up sweat and other bacteria.

To clean socks and underwear separately, an Electric Mini Washing Machine can be used. It can be a 15-minute quick wash with one-button touch. In addition, you don't need to use lots of water to wash.

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Electric Mini Washing Machine Features:

1. underwear and sock washing machine solves the problem of washing socks.

2. Wave wheel design, active oxygen disinfection, antibacterial blue light, 15 minutes quick wash, one button touch

3. Positive and negative pulsator design, mimics manual cleaning and gentle rubbing, adopts positive and negative pulsator design, does not damage clothes and wear, cleaning is cleaner

4. Healthy blue light wash, antibacterial, more peace of mind.

5. Fast laundry, get it in 15 minutes, express laundry for socks, one-button start, save time, water and electricity

6. Washing capacity of 2.5L, the socks are specially washed, 2-4 pairs of socks can be washed, and the socks are of different sizes and can be used according to the actual conditions of the individual

7. Composite showing caring and caring shorts, socks, accessories

8. Small and exquisite, does not take up space

9. One-button operation, press and hold 2 seconds to turn on, press 1 second to turn on

In conclusion, washing underwear and sock seperatedly is beneficial to your health. By washing it separately, you can help keep your other clothes clean and bacteria-free.

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