How To Mince An Onion?

There’s a saying: “An onion a day keeps the doctor away”. The fact is, onions are good for you. They may help improve cholesterol levels and may help control blood sugar which is especially significant for people with diabetes. When you cook, how do you mince your onions? Do you chop them, slice them, dice them, or grate them? The truth is that all three of these methods work, and while you may not be the most precise, none of the methods are any worse than the other.

While using Electric Food Grinder may be the easiest, it’s the least desirable method for most cooks. Opt for cutting, slicing, or dicing your onions, and you’ll be sure to produce smooth, well-seasoned dishes.

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Why Onion Makes Us Cry?

Onion causes crying. The onion is a vegetable. It tastes good when mixed with other ingredients, such as in stews and soups. People love its taste. But the onion can also cause tears. The onion contains several substances that are all irritants; the lachrymose (tear-producing) substance, sulfur compounds, and antioxidant polyphenol oxidase all cause tears.

In conclusion, when cooking, always start with the freshest onion. You'll also want to avoid peeling the onion because it will brush off its outer layers and you won't get all the juices. Instead, simply cut the onion into quarters or eighths before mincing. When mincing, you'll want to use a cheese grater or a food processor. For a little twist on the onions, try adding crushed shallots and parsley.

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