How Can I Prevent My Refrigerator Door From Hitting The Wall?

If your refrigerator door is hitting the wall when you open it, to avoid this happening, there are a few things you can do. A common problem can be solved with the help of one gadget.

You can try adding a Silicone Wall Protector Pad to the wall. This will help to prevent the refrigerator door knob handle from hitting the wall.

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More Tips To Help Prevent Your Refrigerator Door From Hitting The Wall

1. Always check the door is closed before moving the refrigerator.

2. Check the door for any objects that may be blocking it from closing properly.

3. If the door is still hitting the wall, try adjusting the leveling legs on the bottom of the refrigerator.

4. If your refrigerator has a door stop, make sure it is properly installed and adjusted.

5. If you have a French door refrigerator, make sure the doors are properly aligned.

In conclusion, the door should be opened at a distance from the wall to prevent hitting walls. Additional protection can be obtained by using Silicone wall protector pads.

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