What To Do If Water Is Overflowing?

Floods can be costly and unpleasant. This can happen if the plumbing leaks, the water heater explodes, or the sink overflows. Apart from the obvious costs of replacing carpets, furniture, and clothing, homeowners can spend thousands of dollars on flood repairs.

If this happen to you, first turn off the main tap water pipe. This is usually done with the main shut-off valve in the middle of the pipe in the house or near the main water meter. Secondly, to prevent water from running down the countertop and avoid problems with wet floors, you can use Shower Threshold Water Dam Barrier. Shower Threshold Water Dam Barrier is designed to be placed on the edge of a smooth countertop or around the kitchen sink.

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The long and supple design creates all shapes.

Shower barrier and retention system keeps water within threshold.

Great for curbless showers and other places where water retention is needed.

If you have any questions about the folding dam, please contact us.

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