How To Train Toddler To Toilet?

Toilet training can be both an exciting and nerve-wracking time that most parents can remain in a puddle of sweat. But potty training doesn't have to be an absolute nightmare. Parents may be able to facilitate the process for both toddlers and parents.

Toddlers learn behaviors through imitation, so watch what your child does and does with them when setting up potty training. So parents help the toddlers to understand how to use the toilet. Training Toilet Seat With Step Stool Ladder is a good design. Children can safely climb up and down the ladder. Also, the toddler can sit comfortably on the toilet. Parents try holding them or having a grown-up show them how to sit on the toilet.

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How to train toddler to toilet?

Start by recognizing your child's willingness to potty training. Once this is established, make training as easy as possible.

1. Use Training Toilet Seat With Step Stool Ladder for Kids. Let your toddlers ease to toilet with fun.

2. Use positive enhancements: Tell your child how good they are, reward them for using the toilet, and encourage them with stickers and treats where possible.

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