How to wash your underwear in a washing machine?

Do you think throwing underwear on regular laundry will look as good as it did when you first bought it? Probably not. Every time I wash my underwear, it stretches and squeezes, and it's not as smooth as when I first bought it.

So don't throw your underwear on your regular laundry. Needless to say, underwear should not be washed with the rest of the clothes. However, some people are unaware that underwear needs to be washed in a very different way than other clothing. To make matters worse, underwear smells like other dirty clothes and has an increased acidic odor. So how do you wash your underwear in the washing machine if it doesn't work (invisible, crazy)?

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Why do you need to wash your underwear separately

Your underwear may be covered with something strange: feces. Yes, it is. Other clothing can increase the sour odor from underwear. You should also use cold water in your underwear to prevent the fibers of your underwear from breaking.

How to wash your underwear in a washing machine?

Hand washing underwear is one of the best ways to wash your underwear. However, an efficient way to wash your underwear is to use a mini portable washing machine. There are many reasons to wash your underwear in a mini washing machine. Washing your underwear in a mini-washing machine with a washing machine cleaner is a great way to get rid of the odor-causing bacteria. In addition, you can wash your underwear more often than by hand, which can reduce the washing time. Washing your underwear in a mini washing machine can also save you a trip to a laundromat, which means you save less money and more time. The most important thing is to protect the fibers of the fabric and prevent the underwear from stretching.

In summary, washing underwear in a mini portable washing machine is arguably the best way to go. For example, soft underwear is not designed to be washed in hot water, and underwear rubbing in a washing machine can cause small tears with other clothes. Washing your underwear with hot water can damage the hangers and, worse, the washing machine.

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